Saturday, March 12, 2011

Glove Insanity!

WHAT????? I have not posted pictures of my latest gloves? The Psychedelic sheep? The leafs? How could I forget? might have something to do with the person that decided 8:00am is a good time to start working.
Anyway..the challenge of knitting 11 pairs of fingerless gloves in 2011 is completed. Piece of cake. Now my goal is to find out how many I can knit in a year and then sell them all at Bazaars around Christmas to support the yarn habit.
Designing a pair of fingerless gloves for the youngest one right now. She wants Elephants. So...color work it is. She picks a gray background and orange Elephants. That's my kid after all, lol. Have a look at the psychedelic sheep.

Purple sheep, orange grass, a yellow sky with green clouds. The colors, dude!
Will post pics when the Elephants are done.
May be looking for test knitters.
I should also get back in my kitchen for some more yarn dyeing.
To be continued......