Saturday, January 29, 2011

Socks and gloves

One more pair completed for the 11 in '11 Knit-along on Ravelry. The pattern was interesting, some beading was involved, but even though I went down a needle size, they came out very large. The designer suggested I block them with emphasis on lengthwise, rather than width, and I shall give that a try.

Another pair of slipper socks completed and number 6 are on the needles. I also started the third pair of the Knit-along mitts.
And then I cast on another one, because I should be designing a few more fingerless gloves for the book proposal, but I am the Queen of procrastination. One pair is off to the tester, yarn and beads provided.
Hope she likes it. The tech editor found some spelling mistakes....oops, that's what happens when you are in a hurry, lol.

I have all these ideas, but I hate putting them on the computer. For me typing up a pattern is torture. Usually programs are not designed to follow MY I end up with spaces where I don't want any, half deleted get the idea.....I don't know which button I pushed last week, but suddenly everything looked like alien writing. sighs
Going out tonight....watching Nitecrew again and having some fun. I just love to watch people....You wouldn't believe how many of them don't seem to have mirrors at home.

If any of my followers (all 11 of them) would like to be a secret test knitter, drop me a line. Maybe having people lined up will make me work faster.....or not.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Socks, socks and more....socks

What can I say....I test knitted this pattern for a lady on Ravelry and I swear, she put something in the pattern that makes them addictive.
I helped Nici out and knitted a pair for her Mother in law, then my youngest requested some "sunshiny" ones. Enter Michael's Yarn Sale and a 25% off-your-entire-purchase-coupon and you get socks, socks and more socks.
You can find the pattern here:
So far I made 4 pairs and pair number 5 is on the needles. It doesn't help that the Charisma Yarn form Loops & Threads comes in absolutely lovely, luscious, gorgeous, scrumptious colors. Easy knit, fast and like I said: addicting.
Give them a try. I bet you can't resist them either. And they make great, inexpensive gifts.
As soon as I figure out what she sprinkled into the pattern, I'll let you know., see for yourself.

My darling daughter hand spun some yarn. I got her the roving last year from etsy and she made this wonderful yarn out of it. I am even more tickled that I got the first batch! I knitted some fingerless gloves from it (of course, what else?) and thought plain stockinette stitch would show off the yarn best. The photo doesn't really do it justice. Once the weather clears up around here ( about June, I think ) I shall take gorgeous pics of a gorgeous glove. Until then:

I started on the second pair of my 11 pairs in 2011 Knit along. Wonderful lace weight gloves. I kept complaining the whole time that they were too big. Went down a needle size ( now I am knitting with 00; I feel like James Bond) and they are still kinda loose. It would have made for a lot less complaining if SOMEONE would have mentioned that they are knitted from hand to cuff! Sheesh! Now it all makes a lot more sense.
The book proposal is still in the works. Some patterns are currently being test knitted. Secretly of course. In an undisclosed location.
I am hoping that I will get everything sorted by the end of January.
Got off early again from work today. Instead of doing something productive I decided the kitchen needed cleaning. Yay procrastination!
Darling daughter is going out tomorrow and has her younger sister helping her to find the perfect outfit. I'm not sure if I should laugh or worry about this.......

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knit Along!

A new Knit Along in the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics on Ravelry. 11 pairs of FGF's in 2011!! I am loving it! I got the kit for some awesome color work gloves from my daughter Nici for Christmas and I started on 01/01/2011 five minutes after midnight. (My 13-year old says I need a life, but what does she know...).Here's a pic of the first glove finished on 01/03/2011.

They even look cool from the inside! LOL.
I still plan on proposing a book and I am currently working on some patterns.
I had this great idea where I would incorporate beads into the pattern. On the first and third round of a purl stitch that pretty much runs for five rounds in the pattern.
 (Every round does not work. It makes it all bulgy. Ask me how I
And the beads showed up wonderfully! On the inside of the glove.....Back to the drawing board.
Test Knitters will be needed. But it will be like a CIA operation. Read pattern, memorize and eat it. No evidence is to be left behind. And if you speak about it, you will disappear. Just like that.

I am also determined to finish the Agatha Cardigan I started last year. Here's a picture. did I make that work?
Never mind. I am a lot farther along in the knitting. I ever so gingerly tried it on and it fits perfectly!!!!! I am so excited to finish this one.

I am also participating in another test knit for some long FGF's with the option of knitting fingers. They are really cool and I will post a photo when I have the first one finished.

My friend Cozy Spirit's yarn was on the front page of Etsy!!! That's awesome.
I had quite a few sales last year and already a custom order from a repeat customer. Those are the best. It means you are doing something right.
I bought some awesome yarn from a fellow Etsian last year. You should check her out if you get a chance. Here is the link to her shop:

Please check it out. Her customer service is great and the yarn is so squishy soft and just mmmmmmmh. If you know what I mean. Guess where I will spend part of my next
Speaking of is achingly slow at the dentists office. Lots of cancellations, a lot of people have lost their jobs and therefore their insurance.....whole afternoons and days are empty in the schedule.
Sign of the times I guess. I have more time off to do my crafty stuff. Which is nice, but doesn't pay the bills....yet.
Working on that.
 This will be my Mantra for the year 2011: