Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It is so done!!

Yes!!! I am done and I have delivered the Fairy Ring Jacket. It turned out quite gorgeous, if I may say so myself. See photo above.
I am currently working on a pattern for gloves in some really easy color work. I hope I get the directions together for beginners. You know...I know what I'm doing. But relating it to other people may not be that easy.
Today I bought at my local "German Store" something to make mulled wine. Red wine (traditionally) with spices like cloves, cinnamon, orange peel and then heated up. I'm telling you, if that doesn't warm you up from the inside out, nothing will. It is called "Glueh Fix" and looks like a tea bag with all the spices in it. So all you have to do is warm up the wine, pop the tea bag in and after 5 minutes...voila! Instant comfort!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things I've accomplished....or not.

Swap partners gloves are done, washed and blocking. Box will be taped up tomorrow and ready to go. I got a lovely package from my swap partner in England with loads of candy....I'm telling you, the chocolate alone would be reason to move overseas.
I will post pictures of my finished gloves next time, but here are some pics of the package I got.

Aren't those owl gloves cute?

I made up the boyfriends mind after a rather unpleasant phone call. He literally said that he didn't know what he wanted right now. Well, I do. So I am single yet again...(why do I keep hearing that song "all by myself" in my head?).
Giving e-harmony a try and so far it is amusing to no end. I had a guy who wrote everything in capitals. So he's basically yelling at me the whole time, lol.
Most of the guys they "match" me with write in the section " Things I'm passionate about"  that they are passionate about life. Hmmm...what exactly does that mean?
I mean.....I'm just passing through here and since I am here I might as well make the best of it, right?
Another guy wrote under "occupation" that he is an attorney, but for his name he put the letter K and every third word was misspelled. Riiiiight. Attorney. Sure. On what planet?

A new design is in the works, this time I am working on socks!!!

I am finished with Judy's jacket and it is gorgeous. I ran out of yarn when I was binding off, so I still ahve about 20 live stitches. But it is to be turned under and sewn in place, so I will just sew down the live stitches Kitchener style.

I"m also almost finished with a test knit of a T-shirt. It is really cute, but the instructions for the cap sleeves were very confusing. So I tried to figure it out a couple of times and now I am waiting for the designer to get back to me. I just couldn't work it out.
I have patterns submitted to KnitPicks and a calendar. So I hope to hear back from them soonish.
Well, that's it for today.

Friday, November 12, 2010


My oldest child just informed me she would put an appointment in her "caleldar". Volcanic? No, that's a Caldera. No witches brew either, that's a Cauldron..... Still don't know what she

I love ticking my children off. That's why I want to live as long as I possibly can. Hand me more red wine, dark chocolate and coffee and I shall live forever...muahahahaha!

I bought new headphones yesterday. Hate them. They don't fit around my ears, I have to take my earrings out or the headphones will hurt. The sound is also not that overwhelming. Apparently my good old Phillips ones are no longer carried by any of the stores around here. *Sigh*.

Work is hideously slow. I this rate I will have to find a part time job. But it leaves more time for designing and knitting.

The Exes socks are in hibernation mode.
The three shawls are coming along slowly. One row at a time.
Judy's Jacket is almost done. The body is blocking, the sleeves are done.

My "Fingerless Gloves" Swap is so much fun. I have all kinds of goodies in the package already, but am only halfway done with the first mitt. Well, I am ass-backwards sometimes, so what?
I still have until the 15th of December.

My testing ladies are very picky this time. Which is wonderful, because it makes for a better pattern in the end, but right now I want to go down on my knees and scream:  "What do you want from me???"
Nothing a good glass of Merlot couldn't fix.

Several more ideas in my head. Need to learn the basic construction of a triangular shawl.

Watched the worst Horror movie EVER on Netflix tonight. I was laughing several times so hard, I almost fell off my chair. And it was not a comedy.
And now it is time for bed.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life and other Nuisances

Socks for  %$*&^$%%  going well, he stood me up for a movie date tonight. Myth definitely confirmed. Will finish the socks anyway and make him feel real lousy on Christmas.
The three scarfs at once are coming along great. Did you ever have that moment? You read a pattern through and your brain literally goes "Huh?", but when you get to that actual part in your knitting it makes perfect sense?
Happened with the scarfs.

I have two patterns being tested right now. One is knitted with worsted weight. I did two test knits and am still working on a secret one.

Colgate sales person was in the office on Thursday with samples and a scientific study on the Colgate toothpaste. Proudly she tells me "Done with real live patients..." which made me reply :"as opposed to..corpses?" I'm pretty sure the lovely lady will never EVER show up in our office again.
Business is so slow right now, I get the odd half day off here and there.
Fine with me...more time for knitting, lol.

Had plans today to dye some yarn, but stuff got in the way. Maybe tomorrow.
I discovered Netflix...bad, bad thing. I found all the british shows I liked to now I sit on the computer watching things like "Wire in the blood" (HUGE crush on Robson Green) or Midsomer Murders. Looking at that countryside makes me want to retire there. Better start saving.....