Saturday, October 30, 2010

Updates all around

Can't remember if I ever tallied up my weight loss, but since the first of the year I lost a total of 24 pounds. Yay!!
The socks for my sweetie come along nicely and I have not heard from him in three weeks. Hmmm...myth confirmed? We shall see.
Knitting another test knit for a designer I previously worked with. Great hat designs. Trying to get a pic.....There it is!!!! Finished it in 5.5 hours. Or three episodes of "Wire in the blood". Love Netflix.

The sleeves of the jacket for my friend Judy are almost done.
Our Thursday night knitting group seems to be falling apart, but that might just be the season and the upcoming holidays.
I cleaned out the hallway closet and threw two garbage bags full of stuff away.
I have this thing: when I am really mad, upset or angry (whatever you want to call it) I clean. Big scale. Like scrubbing floors by hand and stuff.
My 13-year old fled the house today to her sisters after I pulled out the big guns: Carpet cleaner, Window cleaning supplies....
Christmas knitting is coming along nicely too. No pics yet, but i will post them as I go along and remember taking them, lol.
For tonight I have planned a "get drunk while watching sappy movies-feel sorry for self-cry a little-go to bed" night. How sad is that for a Saturday?
I clearly need a life.....or a therapist.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Knitting along

Let's see....Progress in bullets:
Knitting a "sekrit" test knit, Socks,,,that's all I can tell ya. Like I needed another test knit.
The hooded jacket I am knitting for my friend Judy is coming along nicely. Body finished..sleeves cast on.
Maybe it will let me post a pic? Of course not.
  I am also knitting a pair of socks for my sweetie. That man needs to know how hand knit socks feel. And the myth goes: once you start knitting for your man...within 12 month man and knitted item will be gone. We shall see.
♥    I am knitting the shawl for Linda. Cindy and Marissa. My friends Mom, sister and niece. In purple, red and baby blue. I know myself. After the first one I would have been bored to tears and the other ones would have never been knitted. So I am knitting all three at the same time. So far it is going well.
  I also finished the test knit for the Argyle gloves...which was giving me a major headache. They turned out nice, though.
I don't know why I can't put pics where I want them to be......*sighs* Oh well.
Sold two skeins of yarn today and ordered more undyed yarn, so I can put some fall and winter colors in the etsy store.
Very happy at the moment (kinda waiting for that proverbial "other boot" to drop, because let's face it: this is my life we are talking about. And things just don't work like that in my universe.).

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm featured in a blog!

Really exciting news..I'm featured in CanaryKnits blog, which you can find here. . If that doesn't inspire you to work harder, I don't know what could.
I am involved in a couple more test knits, like the "Palm Surprise Fingerless Mitts" which you can see right here:

Then there are the "Argyle and Stripes "Mitts (of course fingerless), which almost made me doubt my ability to knit. I just couldn't get them to work. I followed the instructions to the letter and the fabric turned out so dense, I thought it would felt as I was knitting!
Going a needle size up finally solved the problem.
Here is another little pic of the still unfinished pair. pic, because friggin' blogspot insists I can't put a pic there. Fine!

Go to my Ravelry page at  and you can have a look at all my projects.
I had a really lousy day and am so stark-raving mad that I shall open a bottle of wine now and just call it a day before I say, do or write something I will regret tomorrow.