Friday, December 28, 2012

I don't make resolutions..., seriously. Every year I get all worked up and have that "this is it" attitude, only to see it crumple within a few months due to circumstances beyond my control.
So for 2013 I just try to keep everything level. I plan on knitting some sweaters and cardigans. I am starting college January 2nd to get my Master's in Anthropology and a Minor in Arts. I work now part time at Michaels and I could seriously just leave my paycheck in that store. The have added some really nice yarns to their line-up. Not just the dreaded Red Heart Super Saver anymore (which, knitted three strands on a small needle, makes actually a surprisingly sturdy bath mat. It will survive the apocalypse together with cockroaches and Twinkies).
I also plan to finish most of the WIP's in my project bin. I am already off to a head start by pulling out the Hwaet! socks. They have been languishing for a while. There was errata available on the website, but I missed that. Then the store closed that website. So I fudged the heel, which (as you can see on the photo) did not work well. And I couldn't remember how I fudged it.
 I contacted the designer, who was very nice about it and sent me an updated copy of the pattern.
I inserted a needle last night into the last round before the heel increases and just frogged it. I straightened out the stitches (some of them were twisted) and started over with the heel with a new pattern and renewed vigor. This time I will get them done right.

I also accepted another sample knit from KnitPicks. I have the yarn and the beads and I am supposed to start by pre-stringing 700 size 8/0 seed beads. Say what??
I had to ask my friend Kelly (a bead store owner whose website is here: ,awesome beads and awesome customer service) how to do that most efficiently. She recommended a twisted wire beading needle. Well, how lucky that I work at a craft store!!! We have those in stock!!!
I will get started on this one tonight.
I also want to spend a little more time designing and keeping up with my Etsy stores. Maybe next Christmas I can actually make a little spending money with them.
So I will keep this blog updated on how many WIP's I will finish over the course of 2013. Luckily we are all still here...Honestly..did anybody actually believe we would just blow up  on Dec. 21st?

Anyway...I wish a happy, successful and mostly stress free 2013 to all my followers and friends. You make my life a little easier and a little richer. And for that I thank you.