Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lace ahoy!

Yup! I'm sold, addicted, caught up, hook-line and sinker. Lace. Good bye, fingerless gloves. Good bye, socks.  It was nice while it lasted. But alas...I have to move on to bigger skies and wider shores.
Or something like that.
I can't believe how ridiculously in love I am with lace shawls. Prefer the triangular style. Did a test knit for a round one, but while that turned out very nice...I still prefer a triangle pointing to my butt. There's really nothing to point at, so goddess knows why.
Modeled by my daughter: "Icy Kamile". I used white iridescent beads. They don't really show up in the photo. Buy there are better views on my project page right here:

Right now I am working on the Sopro Shawl. No beads in the pattern itself, but that has never stopped me.  And another half circle shawl is in the making for a friends birthday. No pics or she will know.....pssst. It's a secret.
I shall keep you updated on my lace adventures.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Funny thing happened......

This morning.....late morning that phone kept ringing. Seemed to be an out of country number. Thinking one of my relatives in Germany might be the caller, I answered and was assaulted by a very fast avalanche of spanish spoken by a man. I heard the name Rosa Maria several times. Speaking no spanish myself I simply said: "Sorry, you must have the wrong number."  Which had no effect whatsoever on the avalanche.
We played this tag team game twice...then I just let it go to voice mail. Eight (8) times.
Later this afternoon the same number called. With a sigh I answered. A very very nice mature lady informed me that her father was calling my number. He is in his late 80's, has dementia and Alzheimers and was convinced he had dialed his daughters phone. Apparently he did that a few times before the family got an inkling of what he was doing.
The sad part is...his daughter Rosa-Maria died 13 years ago.

Damn...getting old sucks.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good bye SS 2011 - hello SS 2013!

Recap: We had lots of fun at Sock Summit 2011. And even though my boss did not believe me, yes there are thousands of people that attend a convention like that. My daughter and I took the train to Portland and it went smoothly. Nici opened a bottle of carbonated water and sprayed it all over everything. Passenger across the way: "Now it's a party!"
It made my camera wet, so it wouldn't even start up. Luckily it was just water. It works fine now that everything has dried.
Nici: "Oh, look! A horse!"  Me: "That's a tree."
Nici: "I think there's a seal in the river!!!!"  Me: "That's a rock."
It was very entertaining since we both operated on three hours of sleep and some alcoholic beverages the night before.

We met the people we are closest to on Ravelry finally in person. That was the biggest thing for me!
And I bought an (for me) insane amount of yarn and patterns and project bags. Hey! Now I have an excuse to start more knits! After all...what do I have all the project bags for if there are no projects in them, right?
I am already in savings mode for the next Sock Summit in 2013.  :)

In knitterly news: I have completed the test knit of the Crescent Lake Shawl. Even though it is rather inexpensive yarn, it turned out great. I love the color changes. I added green sparkely beads and they really pop.

I started the "Spring Awakening" Shawl for a dear friend. No pics, because she might be reading this. That's why there are no pics on Rav
Still knitting on the Kamile shawl, small size.
I also got the 60 inch long Chiao Goo knitting needles. I am absolutely in love with them. They currently hold my "Sopro" shawl.

Next week I'm on vacation. Should have some pics of finished knitting to post then.