Friday, August 31, 2012

The hell of sweater knitting

There is a  reason why I don’t knit sweaters, jackets or cardigans. And after this I will never EVER knit another one again!!!
Started the Kiloran. A wonderful garment you can find here:
Lots of work, fairly expensive yarn. So I swatch. I measure myself, measure the swatch. Wash it, block it..I am spot on!!!
Cast on, knit about half of the waistband and it could fit around a beer barrel! What gives?
I unravel, start over with a smaller needle size AND I go down one garment size. Hooray! The waist band fits perfectly! I pick up the stitches for the fron and the back and I finish the top part of the garment. Took a picture and it looks kinda large.
What was supposed to be a waistband of 40 inches circumference ( and was 40 inches when it was by itself) has now grown to a circumference of 48 inches!!!!
I am so mad I could spit fire.
Unless someone wants this sweater completed and has a 48 inch under-your-girls circumference this thing will be left out for moth food!
Maybe I shouldn't have swatched and just gone with my gut feeling, like I always do.
Here is a picture of the work in progress:
I don't know if I will ever finish this.
Time will tell.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Got a booty call from life....

...apparently it still wants to screw with me.
Well, in short...moved BF in, he drinks a lot, two violent incidents later I throw him out. Last week I had emergency surgery for a "yucky" gall bladder. That is a medical term, because the surgeon used it to describe the organ he took out. I am doing fine, but quit my job on Monday. A decision that might not be smart in this day and time, but was necessary to save my sanity and my integrity. That's all I will say about that.
In all this mess I have awesome friends that help where they can and I can not tell you all how much I appreciate and love you guys. Thanks a bunch for being there. I hope I will never have to return the favor, but know I will always be there for you.
But on the bright side: I never had this much knitting time!!
I finished a test knit for the ever so talented Liz Capik from AppleTreeKnits. A very lovely shawl. Here is a pic:

The pattern has not been released yet.
I love her patterns. They are easy to understand and fun to knit.
I also finished a birthday present for my friend Lolly. It was a few days late. But we all determined that the month of your birthday still counts as being on time.
Let's see if I can insert another small picture of "Faroese Roses for Lolly".
Blogger doesn't always want to cooperate with me.
Well....what do you know! It worked.
My patterns are now also available on Patternfish.
What a delightful bunch of people to work with!
I am still working on that darn stole/shawl pattern of mine. Is it sad that I forgot how to read my own notes when I picked it up after leaving it alone for a few weeks?
It took me forever to re-create what I started!
Anyway.....send some good vibes for my job search my way...I'll see you all later.