Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yes! I was up for an upgrade on my phone plan with Sprint. I love Sprint and finally got me a Blackberry Curve. The red one. After all, I'm trying to turn my etsy store into a business and would like an instant update in case somebody buys something from me. Hint,hint!
I am in love with my Blackberry!
The first thing you do, of course, is buying some apps.
The one I bought is supposed to turn any song into a ringtone.You can determine which part of the song downloaded onto your Blackberry you would like to use as the ringtone.
My computer doesn't support the software needed to do that. So I will update drivers and tinker with it tomorrow, when I am not exhausted and it's not 1 AM.
So much for "only $4.99." HA!
In other news..I bought Star Wars (the first one from 1977) today. I don't know why...they repeat it often enough on TV, for Pete's sake!
And I worked at my local yarn store for a couple of hours today. I get paid to fondle yarn! I still can't believe it.
I posted my first knitting pattern on etsy today....that was exciting.
So, yeah...check back to hear more stories about the Blackberry.I think I should turn in for today.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

2 AM

Note to self...don't leave convos on etsy when it is late, you are tired and had a glass of wine.
Well, two technically.......
Second note....don't write an e-mail to your best friend in Germany under the same circumstances. You tend to ramble.
Third time your daughter invites you to come along when she goes out, don't excuse yourself. Just GO!!!!!
Fourth note....if you like someone, don't dwell on it if they don't return the feeling. Wine won't help. Going out with your daughter might have..   :)
Fifth note....well. there is none. Four are enough and I shall remember them tomorrow. Since they are now recorded for eternity.

Sunday, March 14, 2010 know the rest

I just spilled a full baggy of locking stitch markers all over the keyboard and the floor. That's just an indication how my creative process worked today. It started with a marathon of movies on TV. So I'm all ready, coffee made, project picked ( a dog sweater-don't ask) and off we go. Or not. First I could not find the right needle size. Mind you, I know I have at least 4 of each size at the house, but this one I just could not find. Since the dog is rather small, I decided to go a size smaller on the needles. The sweater was done within 2 hours.
Now for assembly: The instructions said how to "attach the chest plate to the back". Not only did that wording make me think of coroners taking off the chest plate with hedge clippers on a body, I also sewed it on wrong, so the poor dog would not have been able to put his head through.
So I unsew the seam and try again, only to discover I did it wrong a second time. Undo again and this time I got it right. I shall post a picture when the doggie wears it.
Then I wanted to knit a few more rows on my lace edging for a jacket I'm making. The movies were over by now, so I'm sitting on the computer and checking mails, ect. I discovered after 16 rows that I inverted the pattern. (knitting the RS on the WS and vice versa) Since lifelines are for yellowbellies and according to my mantra "How hard can it be?" I had to unknit 16 rows of fluffy yarn in a lace pattern. Since you can't just rip it off the needles and unravel a few rows,  it nearly drove me insane.
And now the stitch marker incident.
I shall leave now and go to bed. Hopefully the knitting fairy will pick up these stich markers while I sleep.
Good night, cruel crafting gods.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have the pattern for the Mediterranean Fingerless Mitts finished! I turned it into a PDF file and send it to my daughter. She will knit them up now and let me know if my pattern works.
So excited!! I also had two sales in my etsy shop this week and feel like Bill Gates right now. Wish I could bottle this feeling and sell it. I would be a millionaire in no time.
I keep you posted when i will publish the pattern.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pattern Part 3

Well....let's see...I have taken pictures of the finished fingerless mittens. They turned out perfect. I started writing down the instructions and I got to the part where you explain the pattern. That took me about 90 minutes. But I learned how to insert a photo. Yay!!!!
So here are the mittens I'm wrestling with.....
I named them Mediterranean Fingerless Gloves. If you have ever seen the sky at midday in Italy, you know why. the topic here.....don't try to follow a 32 row lace pattern after you had a glass of wine.
Don't ask....just take my word for it.
Now back to the pattern.
I keep you posted.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pattern, Part two

Well, the glove did not explode. I started putting the instructions down in written format from all my post-it notes. Let me tell you from experience.....Do not use post-it notes, when you are tracking a pattern while knitting.
I think the hardest part is this....I know what I'm doing. The design is in my head, I have a clear picture of it. Now try to explain it in written form to someone that has no clue what you are talking about.
And when it comes to " What yarn are you using?", the answer is not to hold up your knitting and saying 
"This one." have to keep the wrapper and write it all down.
Now..where did I put that darn wrapper?

And where are post-it notes 5 and 7? be continued.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here we go again with my favorite quote : "How hard can it be?"
It makes my friends and family cringe and I even get the occasional groan.
BUT.......human kind would still be sitting around a campfire hunting with spears if some caveman would not have asked the same question, right? We learn by trial and error...or at least I do.
So my latest endeavour is to publish my own pattern.
Of course I immediately put the cart before the horse by learning first: "How to turn a pattern into a PDF file."
I love YouTube!!!!! Tutorials and all. Now I have the software to turn a non existing pattern into a PDF file. Yay!
The idea in my head is a pair of babyblue fingerless gloves.With pattern on the back of the hand. Off to the LYS we go. Beautiful yarn in the Bargain isle....with Angora!!!! Very soft and fuzzy, warm....perfect. 2 skeins purchased, taken home, turned into center pull balls, casting on 60 stitches per glove....two circular needles..ribbing 6 rows.....wait! These gloves will fit Sasquatch if I keep going with 60 stitches.....Ribbit!
Read label....aha....recommended needlesize 7. Okay.
After three more try-outs I settled for 40 stitches per glove, two at a time, two circular needles.
Cuff and pattern part done, up to where the thumb gusset will be.
Now I got smarter and actually counted how many stitches I had to the inch and I measured how fat my thumb was. Just so I would not end up with a pin-sized hole for the thumb.
Oh..wait!! I forgot to write down how many rows I knitted and what pattern I used.
Several hours later after much counting and writing and recounting I decided to leave the gloves for today and go to bed.
Tomorrow is another day and I will have more luck with this.
After all: say it with me...."How hard can it be?"