Friday, April 30, 2010

Lace pattern

Encouraged by my success with my first pattern ( I did NOT sell a single one as of today) and a burning desire to call myself a designer, I have started a lace pattern for fingerless gloves. As you may have noticed I love socks and fingerless gloves.
Writing down the pattern and knitting it is the easy part.
I don't think my daughter will be too thrilled to be the Guinea Pig for this one though.
This is not a project to take with you and knit on the bus or something like that. You gotta pay attention. But they are gorgeous. I will post a photo on Monday when they, hopefully ,will be done. I am always looking for test knitters.
Any takers?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My first international sale

Today I sold one of my bags to a lady in Germany. My first international sale! So exciting! Somehow there is a greater power working in my life. Every time when I am this close to giving up and thinking "why do I even bother" a sale happens. So when I came home today I went straight into my kitchen and dyed up some new yarns. 4 colorways this time. The names usually come to me when I see the finished skein...but sometimes I start out with an image in mind.
So I give you something to think about...the colorways this time are another Sun Flares, since it was a huge success (well, "huge" in my eyes) and sold within 3 days of being listed.
The next one is a brandnew yarn..a tweed in all shades of green so it's called Emerald Tweed.
The third one is called Alien Planet and the last one is my favorite. I named it "Depressed Cupid". I let you guess on the colors on this one.LOL
Here are some photos from a different session of dyeing yarn.
First you have to protect your counters and stuff. So I tape everything off securely with painters plastic. And I soak the yarn to be dyed in a sink full of luke warm water. For about 20 minutes. One of the accessories is very important by the way and it might give you an idea where I come up with the names for the colorways of my yarn.

 And here they are!!!! The most important accessories to my dyeing process. They are completely optional, of course.
Next come the paint and all the other goodies...but that will be revealed in another post.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rainbow in my kitchen

I dyed some yarns on Tuesday and I always love it when they dry on the over-the-door rack. It looks like a rainbow in my kitchen.
Now they are dry and I shall take pictures tomorrow and put the yarn up for sale in my etsy shop.
I love the whole process of yarn dyeing. You never really know what you get. You have something in your mind and you start working and in the end it looks nothing like the image you saw with your minds eye. But it is some thing unique and one of a kind.
This weekend I shall post a couple of "screen shots" of my whole personalized method. Feel free to comment or ask questions...