Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yeah...that's a German thing. It is a liquor made from raw egg yolk, lots of sugar and whipped unsweetened cream. Throw in some evaporated milk and some Everclear and you have yourself a German Christmas tradition.
My daughter helped me find my Mom's recipe, so I made it yesterday. Yum!
I rewarded myself with a small shot glass this afternoon for finishing and casting off the three shawls at a time.
Here is a pic.:

All unblocked of course. The space I usually use is currently occupied by a Christmas Tree, so I have to block them one at a time.
They were really a fun knit and so quick, too. I will definitely make more of these. Here is also a photo of the first one blocking:

I just don't understand why these photos never end up where I would like them in the text. And I dislike it very much when I have to ask my 13-year-old how to do something on the computer.

So I rewarded myself with another little glass after washing the first shawl, and another little one after I got done putting it on the blocking board. :)

My basket with unfinished knitting projects is looking strangely empty now. But I have promised myself not to cast anything new on until the First of the New Year.
I will probably change that, if I get myself another little glass of....well, you know, lol.

Yesterday I saw Nitecrew again, with a different singer (the front girl of the band 4More, don't know her name...). She is pretty amazing.

I wish all of you Happy Holidays (whatever you celebrate) and a Happy New Year. May all your resolutions hold stead fast and be successful.
Thanks for following my antics through the year 2010. See you next year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

What was I thinking???

First some updates on the knitting. Socks for EX are hibernating. Might finish them for Son-in-law. Here is a pic of the three shawls I'm knitting at the same time. I have two repeats finished and have only the border left. Then I have three gifts for ......hmm....whoever pops up that I forgot, I guess.
They are turning out really pretty. I might make more in the future. Maybe four at a time???

The test knit completed for Ravelry's free test knitters has turned out really nice too. I was supposed to knit three repeats of a baby blanket named "Estonian Princess". Designed by FabuKnits. It is really easy. Her patterns are written so perfectly! You can't go wrong. Let's see if I can insert another picture:

I can't believe that actually worked!!! LOL. Usually I have the hardest time adding more than one pic. Hence all the fancy four-split pics.
Now we get to the kicker. I am really going insane. I have requested a proposal package from a well known publisher, because I would like to write a book.
Okay...okay...stop it. You can quit the giggling and snickering at any time now....
I really think I could pull this off, though. Lots of work to be done. I had no idea a proposal is so much work. All the info they need. So I bought a book on how to get your book published. Very good advice and I never thought of it this way: If a publisher spends oodles of money to get your book published, you better make it worth his time. So I'm working on that one. If it all falls into place,  2011 is gonna be MY year. Yes!!!

My friend Jean is trying to set me up with her brother. All the stuff she has told me about him is just awesome, but then again...maybe she's trying to sell him, lol. I will meet him Friday at Starbucks.

Tomorrow I go with Nici and her friends to the Great American Casino again to see NiteCrew. Cool cover band and the keyboard player is cute!

Maggie has two weeks of winter break now and is just devastated, that she will be separated from her best friend for THAT long. Aaaahh, teenagers. I remember it well.

I just volunteered (yes, you read that right) to help Nici with her Christmas knitting list. Damn! I should really lay off the mulled wine.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Testing, testing.....

Aha!!! I knew you were out there! I can hear you breathe!
Anyway....testing a pair of socks which is a "sekrit", because they are considered for publication somewhere. And they don't like to have the design plastered all over the place in advance. Lots of cable-ing involved, but lovely pattern.
I gave my friend Patty the  gloves today that were a mystery knit-along and came out way to big for me. They fit her like a glove (pun intended, lol) and she absolutely loved them. I'm all giddy inside. Here is a pic of the gloves:

I am also in a test knit for a baby blanket (no...NO!!!!! I'm not going to be a Grandma!!!! EVER!!!!). The pattern is based on Estonian lace patterns and just "daahling". I will keep going in pattern and turn it into a lovely wrap. Pictures will be posted when I have more than one repeat.

My "Cable-Lacey's" have been accepted by KnitPicks and the pattern is up for purchase.
The "Five Gables" are in the final consideration stage with a "one-pattern-a-day-calendar" and I am insanely proud of that. They will let me know in January if the pattern has been chosen and on what day the pattern will appear.

In the final testing stages is a new pattern of mine, called "goosebumps. Here's a pic:

I poked a hole in my left index finger today.
My skin is rather dry in the winter and having to wash my hand in my line of work 5000 times a day doesn't really help.
So the skin finally
Too much is going on for one post, so I shall update in the next few days.
See ya!