Friday, April 30, 2010

Lace pattern

Encouraged by my success with my first pattern ( I did NOT sell a single one as of today) and a burning desire to call myself a designer, I have started a lace pattern for fingerless gloves. As you may have noticed I love socks and fingerless gloves.
Writing down the pattern and knitting it is the easy part.
I don't think my daughter will be too thrilled to be the Guinea Pig for this one though.
This is not a project to take with you and knit on the bus or something like that. You gotta pay attention. But they are gorgeous. I will post a photo on Monday when they, hopefully ,will be done. I am always looking for test knitters.
Any takers?


  1. Are you still looking for someone to give the pattern a test drive?

  2. Yes,yes I do. I would even supply the yarn if you don't want to cut into your stash :)