Friday, August 31, 2012

The hell of sweater knitting

There is a  reason why I don’t knit sweaters, jackets or cardigans. And after this I will never EVER knit another one again!!!
Started the Kiloran. A wonderful garment you can find here:
Lots of work, fairly expensive yarn. So I swatch. I measure myself, measure the swatch. Wash it, block it..I am spot on!!!
Cast on, knit about half of the waistband and it could fit around a beer barrel! What gives?
I unravel, start over with a smaller needle size AND I go down one garment size. Hooray! The waist band fits perfectly! I pick up the stitches for the fron and the back and I finish the top part of the garment. Took a picture and it looks kinda large.
What was supposed to be a waistband of 40 inches circumference ( and was 40 inches when it was by itself) has now grown to a circumference of 48 inches!!!!
I am so mad I could spit fire.
Unless someone wants this sweater completed and has a 48 inch under-your-girls circumference this thing will be left out for moth food!
Maybe I shouldn't have swatched and just gone with my gut feeling, like I always do.
Here is a picture of the work in progress:
I don't know if I will ever finish this.
Time will tell.

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