Monday, January 21, 2013

APA format and a great cardigan

APA format shall be my nemesis forever.
Apparently you need to find a dead cat and swing it around your head three times by the light of the full moon (which will be hard, since the paper is due on Saturday), UNLESS it is a Tuesday. In that case you italicize only the year, not the name.
I wish Microsoft Word had a button that says APA or MLA. I could just write the damn thing and push the button and voila! APA paper.
I would also like to know who came up with this crap. The last time I wrote a paper it was in pen on paper. And I got points for putting my name and the date correctly in the upper right corner.
My paper was AARP style! Old school. Literally.
The cardigan is coming along nicely. The back is finished and  spot on with the measurement. I am halfway done with the left front. I made a few adjustments to the pattern. I didn't want the cardi to end at my waist. So I added 3 inches to the length. That will look a lot better for my body type.
The pattern is really easy to follow.
My de-stash is not going so well though. I started the year with about 205000 yards in my stash. So far I managed to turn it into 211000 yards.
Ebay is my achilles heel. That's for sure. There are some great deals to be had.
The sample knit for KnitPicks is going well too. I have about 60% of the stole completed. The sooner I het that baby done the faster I get paid. And I want some spending money for Madrona which is approaching fast.
I will meet with one of my Ravelry friends there for the first time in person and I am looking forward to that. A lot.
I might even be persuaded to take some pics.
We'll see.

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  1. I know I'm probably too late in telling you this (and maybe you know by now), but maybe I can save you a headache in the future.

    There actually IS an APA button in MS Word...sort of. I'm not sure what version of Word you have access to, but the newer versions allow you to manage your citations by entering in information for each separate source (title, author, year, etc.) and select the desired format. Then the magic happens--it generates a properly formatted bibliography for you!

    Here are detailed instructions:

    Hope that helps you out at some point!