Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cardigan Adventures

The child is sixteen. The child has not worn Mother's hand knits since she was 11, because they are "dorky".
The child has a good social circle. The child has a few good friends that find Mother's knitting skills fascinating.
The child finally realizes that a bought cardigan of her liking can cost upwards of $ 80. The child also realizes that Mother could make that said cardigan for about $ 24. The child also realizes that it would make Mother very happy to knit again for her offspring.
The child peruses Ravelry and Google and comes to Mother with the wish for a hand knit cardigan. The child wants an oversized cardigan in soft wool that she can snuggle up in. The child also has found six different cardigans; each one bearing a feature to her liking, but no cardigan that combines all of them into one.
The child challenges Mother by saying: "But you can do that, right Mom?"
The child knows Mother well, because Mother says:" Sure thing, honey. What color?"
The child replies:" A gray? Maybe heathered? Kinda grayish, pencil lead color?"
And so the cardigan adventure begins.

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