Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There is a reason....I promise...

There is a reason why I made an emergency trip to Michael's last night. There is also a reason why I was up way past midnight knitting one ginormous slipper sock.
It all started with my daughter's best friend getting hurt in PE. Called Physical Education...hm...when I went to school it was called Gym class. PE was when my Dad smacked me on the head for something incredibly stupid, dangerous or disrespectful I had done. But I digress.

Daughter's best friend got hurt in Gym class. One lengthy Emergency Room visit later it is clear she severely sprained her ankle. One large wrapping around the foot and she is sent home. Around 7 pm my daughter gets the text message that the slipper socks I knitted won't fit over the wrapped foot. And her toes are cold.

Since I didn't have enough yarn in a color she liked, we had to make an emergency run to Michael's. Since I was there, I picked up some yarn for a summer t-shirt I want to knit. You know... In case the yarn is not available anymore next week. And some more yarn for fast slipper socks.

So a few hours later the orange-purple monster was created. It is well loved and keeps wrapped toesie's warm. Another crisis averted by the Mighty Knitter. TaDa!!!!

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  1. Oooooooh, Superknitter! You really are crazy fast. If that was my project, by the time it was completed, the injured foot would have been healed for weeks. I need me some superknitter mojo. Wish you could bottle and sell that!!!