Friday, April 1, 2011

What just happened?

A short trip to the yarn store. I happen to misplace tape measures quite often. That's what my kids think. I am convinced that there is a small Black Hole under my couch that swallows knitting notions if you don't watch them. Somewhere in a parallel universe a knitter's house is full of my tape measures and stitch markers.
So...short trip to the yarn store. Fondling some Baby Cashmerino from Debbie Bliss. Holding three colors together that would look amazing in a color work glove. But the price of almost $ 30 made me put them back.
Then it happened.
At the checkout the owner says: "You know, I'm getting a large shipment in on Tuesday and I will be marking the Rowan and some other yarns at 50% off. If you want, you can get it now...."
Turning on my heel I go back and grab some Ella Rae Lace Merino, some Rowan Tapestry, some wonderful soft acrylic blends and a skein of Regia Sock yarn.
End result: $50.
So apparently I have a problem with $30 regular price, but not $ 50 sale price?
What just happened?
In other news: The Elephant gloves have been test knitted.
Here is a pic:
She's cute...isn't she?
Nothing severe had to be changed in the pattern, just made a little clearer.

I'm having this awful chest cold that takes my voice away...literally. And when it is back I sound like Barry White. Just...less sexy.

Working on a simple stranded color work design now, that will be up for another secret, Black Ops, clandestine, stealthy testing mission soon.
I swear... I don't know where I would be without my testers. I love them all.


  1. It's truly funny how sale prices are easier to pay for, even though it's more money over all. I did a notions shopping trip the other day and spent over $75, so you did better than I did!

  2. Sale prices do a number on the cerebral cortex. Seriously. It's the same thing that happens at KnitPicks. Have you ever gone there with the intent in mind of just getting one skein of Stroll and ended up shopping until you'd worked your way up to Free Shipping? Yeah. It messes with the head, big time. I've got a sale on at my own shop and I've looked...

    Now - let's work on either getting over that nasty cold. No more Barry White!!!