Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's happening?

Quite a bit. The things I am currently working on are: a simple pair of fingerless gloves, mindless knitting while I wait in waiting rooms, examination rooms, while we figure out what's ailing my 13-year old. That girl has seen more doctors in the past 4 weeks that I have in my entire life!

A pair of socks for my soon-to-be 23-year old for her birthday.

A test knit I finished recently for a pair of very pretty lacy fingerless mitts. I will be making them again in a pretty peach color for my friend Tammy"s wedding. Here are the matching photos, btw.

The "Hwaet" socks from the Sanguine Gryphon. The entire Beowulf Saga in the original language on a pair of socks. The Wannabe-Historian in me could not resist. Using my friend Debbie's hand dyed yarn. Loving every minute of knitting these.

Two new designs are up for test knitting right now on Ravelry.

Went to see NiteCrew again last the invitation of the keyboard player. We saw them the last weekend in April and he invited us to their next performance this Friday.
To say the least: it was interesting. The place was a Sports Bar/Lounge. A couple of very strange characters there.

The main attraction were clearly two ladies that decided to sport a corset as appropriate attire. If you are DESPERATE! Both had ample "front porches" more so than the other. And really: once your boobs have their own zip code, you might want to reconsider stuffing them in a cup size A 32.
Had  a lot of fun though, just watching people.
Here is a little tid bit of conversation I had with a clearly drunk guy.
Guy: "You have an accent...where you from?"
Me: "From Germany."
Guy: "Oh, really? Cool! I'm going to Italy in two weeks."
Me: ....
What do you say to that? Where is the relation? I guess it made sense in his head, lol.

In other news: A triangular shawl design is in the making. A little different approach. I hope to have it ready for testing by the end of April.

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  1. Italy is shaped like a boot. (Just thought I'd add something to the dialogue.)