Thursday, June 16, 2011

What the....

I don't know what happened. I was so wrapped up in doctors and tests and other things that I neglected the blogging.(Can you be fined for neglecting a blog??)
The young one was finally diagnosed with severe migraines. My Dad had them really bad. I hardly ever get a headache, so it must have skipped a generation. At least we know now what is going on and can deal with it.

Many things happening in Karin's Knitting World: I am doing a test knit for one amazing designer: Ines Sousa. Her ravelry name is "seni" if you like to check her out. I'm using the Schoppel Wolle "Zauberball", which is just the most wonderful yarn I have worked with in a long time. And I love the long color changes. And..Yes! I am using beads. This shawl is gonna be really nice!

I did finish the socks for Nici's birthday with two days to spare....cutting it kinda close, lol

A friend whose DIL is going through chemo asked me if I would knit a hat for her. Well, of course. So I settled on a week and a half of time and then my competitive little brain turned it into a challenge. How many hats can I knit in a week and a half? Turns out the magic number is: (drum roll please....) 7!
My friend was very happy, she will let her DIL pick the ones she likes and donate the other ones.
Here are five of them. Now I have to figure out why photobucket is telling me that my pic is no longer available from the owner...which would be

If you want, you can look at the other ones on my project page on Ravelry under the tab "Mika's hats".

I also started a pair of strangely constructed socks. A fellow raveler suggested :"just trust the pattern" and that's what I'm doing. They are called "Skew" and are a challenge. But the end result will be very nice.

I am trying (purely for myself) to avoid the word "awesome".  The universe is awesome. A hot dog....not so much.
Anyway...I'm striking up a friendship with the musician I mentioned before. Since he shows interest..all bets are off. I am pulling out all the stops. LOL!!
Much to the amusement of my children.
So far I got some nice additions to my wardrobe (new shirts and a cute skirt) and I have actually thrown away some things from my antiquated closet. I had to be heavily sedated for this...but I did it.
On to more adventures!

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