Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Creative workings..

Just a little glimpse into the workings of my creative mind.
I love to check YouTube for "old" music videos...you know, the times when MTV was still actually Music Television. I usually get sidetracked really quick by other recommended videos. Last weekend I stumbled across a little gem taken from a russian vampire movie.
That triggered a Wikipedia search on Vlad the Impaler Tepesh. That taught me that he was married twice. The name of his second wife was Ilona. A name very familiar to me. I had a classmate in elementary school with that name. That lead to a search of old wood carvings and paintings of this era. And a lace pattern for a triangular shawl was born. Still in the workings...but soon it will be up for a test knit. So from YouTube to Wikipedia to a lace pattern for a shawl. And some history learned along the way. Go figure.
Without further ado....the video that made a lace shawl:

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