Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dyeforsocks - Superhero!

Well, not really. But it got your attention, right?
So. I would like you to picture this whole post as a mix between black&white private detective movie and James Bond, okay? Now that the mood is we go:

10:40 pm, Saturday. Received message from Z. A swapper has gone AWOL and a rescue package is needed. I previously volunteered. Am I up for it?

10:45 pm: After brief consideration of supplies and resources I accept. TO THE YARN CAVE!

11:00 pm: Yarn found, pattern pulled up on computer, needle acquired, wine poured, music looped. I am ready to go.

11:15 pm: After watching a short briefing video, which auto - destructed after viewing, my skills in Magic Cast-on are polished up and the correct number of stitches has been on the needles
11:30 pm: Small oversight: I should have gotten the details on the subject's preferences and sizes first. Error corrected and all is going according to plan.

11:48 pm: Dividing the project in 8ths and I need two of them. The instructions given are easy to follow and one 8th has been completed. A refill on the nourishment is needed. A short survey of the music provides assurance that there are still 7 hrs 28 minutes of songs left.

12:15 am, Sunday: Four 8ths of the assignment have been completed. I am way ahead of schedule.

12:23 am: Decided to leave the projects first half unfinished for tonight. I need to be on top of my game to finish this mission successfully.

End of transmission.

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