Sunday, October 21, 2012


My mother used to tell me I should chose my friends carefully. She herself chose friends on how useful they could be to her at some point in her life. She was never really close to anyone.
I always found her advice incredibly cold and calculating.
My friends just "happened". I have some really close friends that know just about everything about me and I about them. A few that are reliable, steadfast rocks in my life and are not afraid to tell me when I make an utter fool out of myself. Not that that would stop me.
There are also some friends that are not so close, but I enjoy their company and we share many interests and, most of the time, opinions.
I never thought about a person that I met how useful they could be to me. You could be the CEO of a bank, and therefore useful to me at some point. But you could be a total jerk. So I pretend to like you because I might need a loan in a couple years?
No. There is something profoundly wrong with this. And I for one am grateful for all my friendships that grew out of mutual respect (or none, lol), shared interests, weirdness and just plain "hey, I like you's".
My Dad on the other hand used to say your good friends are the ones you call when you got arrested, so they can bail you out. Your best friend will sit right next to you in the cell saying:" Man, that was awesome!!"

On to something knitting related:
I have a new pattern ready to be released soon. In the next week or so. It's called "Aliens among us". That's what happens, when you watch the History Channel Special on area 51.
 Here is a picture:
The palm is just straight up stockinette. Fingerless of course.

Here is another photo. I was playing around with the Picasa Collage feature. I rather like what you can do with it.
My youngest accused me of being lazy, because I never knit "those cut off fingers". Well, I just know where my limitations are. They either turn out so tight that they cut off the blood circulation, or they are so bulky between the fingers that they are just plain uncomfortable.
Right now I am on a sock tangent.
Maybe I come up with some sock patterns......
I think I saw some interesting swirly patterns in that puddle earlier......
*wanders off*

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