Friday, December 25, 2009

Another Christmas

Well, just spend 9 hours at my work, waiting for the FedEx lady. I was actually off today.....I let you ponder that for a while.
I had ordered a custom made item for my daughter. Arrival date was supposed to be the 6th of January. So I had them deliver it to my work, since I won't be at home that day. Needless to say, they were a little more efficient and fedEx would not let me change the address the item was being shipped to.
But it was productive, though. I got my pair of socks done. Deliciously soft KnitPicks Yarn. Stroll Multi in "Meadow".
I could knit all day........if that would pay the bills.
My resolution for 2010 is to make more money with my handmade items in my etsy shop. I like working on these things and I like the appreciation of the buyer. And I like to be able to buy more stuff for my kids. LOL.
I wonder sometimes who invented money.....I would do so much better if I could just trade what I do best (knitting) for something somebody else does best (like growing tomatoes). I'm telling you....the way this planet is going.....we might as well all develop a good skill that we can use for trading later on.
Today I found a "lucky" penny in the parking lot. Who determined when a penny is "lucky" anyway? I can see some old guy sitting  on his porch tossing a penny and going "Lucky.....Unlucky.....Lucky.........Unlucky.....""That's it, Earl!! I got it!!! Head is lucky!"
I should not blog when I had a glass of wine. I'm such a lightweight.

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