Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome, welcome!

Soooooo, my daughter helped me set up a blogspot. She got me started and now I can not stop playing and tinkering with it.
I thought some of my friends or friends-to-be might be interested in what I'm doing with my time besides work. So I added a new thing: blogging!
Today we went to our weekly knitting group. How a group of supposedly 60+ members can dwindle down to the same hardcore 6-8 members is somewhat a mystery to me. And I don't think it has anything to do with the holidays. This started way back in August, September. But it is still fun every time.
Right now I'm knitting the Clasica Coat from the Fall/Winter Interweave knitting magazine. I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on the yarn that was listed in the pattern, so with the help of Sonia and Shirley at Yorkshire Yarns we picked the Eco Wool from Cascade as a substitute.
This yarn is awesome!!!! Undyed, 100% wool, knits up evenly and quick, shows the pattern beautifully and is so soft.
I am loving it.
Got the back and the left front done and started the right front today.
And how the hell did that Mosquito get into my livingroom? Isn't it too cold for Mosquitoes? I can spend the next 30 minutes trying to catch that little buggar. And it is late.
Well, 'til next time, my peeps. ( I always wanted to say that......not!)

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