Friday, December 25, 2009


You are supposed to try or learn something new every day, according to my Great-grandmother. Well, I did both today....or so I hope. I tried dried cranberries today, because they are supposed to be good for you. Yeah.....the possible health benefits would have to be that they CURE EVERYTHING!!!!! Gawd, what an aweful taste. Maybe if you hide it in a pound of sugar, but that would be contrary to what good they might do for you. There's gotta be a better way to stay healthy.
For the second thing I'm gonna try to insert a photo of my socks which I finished this morning. Here we go.......
HA!!!!!! It worked!!!!! I'm such a geek.
I love it when those yarns pool and I am actually messing around with needlesizes and stitch numbers until it pools. In this case I just had to add two stitches and it did that! The yarn is from the Stroll Multi line from KnitPicks and is called Meadow Multi. So soft it should carry a warning label: " May induce uncontrollable hugging, touching, squeezing and sniffing."
The pattern is from the book "Knitting  more circles around socks". I absolutely love it. If I would knit socks one at a time, I would have a drawer full of single socks. Thanks to Antje Gillingham I do them two at a time.

Christmas was quiet and fun. I have to admit, I did not leave the house today. It was just too cozy. Now I shall direct my attention towards my glass of Boujeaulais (hope I spelled that right. The spellchecker went litterally "Whaaaat?") and ponder what I should assault my one reader with next time.

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