Monday, February 8, 2010

How hard can it be?

Lovely stitch markers wherever I look. My LYS, on Etsy, Ravelry, KnitPicks, even on e-bay.
So, little Karin decides..."How hard can it be?"
A question frequently asked on one of my favorite shows Top Gear. Only there it usually ends in disaster, flames, mayhem, potential injuries.
Off to Michaels we go to buy an ample supply of beads (glass), pearls (real freshwater), and coral. Some wire and some tools with it and we are ready to go, right?
Wrong! What looked so easy in my head (trust me..that happens frequently) is not at all easy in real life.
First I did not add into the equation, that maybe all the beads and pearls should have the same diameter hole in the middle. Kind of crucial if you are trying to fiddle them onto a wire..
The pearls, don't want to go on the wire. After chasing them across the desk for a while, I decide the hole is just too small and pushing a push pin through said hole should make it accessible for the wire.
Pearls SHATTER! Did you know that? Neither did I. Lucky I was wearing my glasses at the time.
Working as a dental office manager I shall take them to work tomorrow and ask if I may use the HighSpeed Drill in our Lab to widen the hole.
For now the stitch marker adventure is on ice. I shall keep you posted and supply some pictures too, when I finish one of them.

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