Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why, oh why?

I swear, if I ever make a lot of money, I will leave everything to research to prevent the common cold when I die.
I know, I know...I'm not the only one with a cold, there are worse things I could be having...I heard it all. That does not help!
I never run a fever when I'm sick..I just feel like a truck just ran me over. The head hurts, the sinus is about to explode, you know the deal.
So..that's why I will leave all my money to research. And possibly my body.....but that's another story. I never got sick when I was still smoking. Go figure..

The next mystery I have to solve is this: Why did I have to clean my bookshelves today? Feeling crappy already? Why did it have to be a sunny, warm spring day that made me see the layer of dust on the shelves?
I guess, I'll clean the carpets tomorrow.....

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