Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here we go again with my favorite quote : "How hard can it be?"
It makes my friends and family cringe and I even get the occasional groan.
BUT.......human kind would still be sitting around a campfire hunting with spears if some caveman would not have asked the same question, right? We learn by trial and error...or at least I do.
So my latest endeavour is to publish my own pattern.
Of course I immediately put the cart before the horse by learning first: "How to turn a pattern into a PDF file."
I love YouTube!!!!! Tutorials and all. Now I have the software to turn a non existing pattern into a PDF file. Yay!
The idea in my head is a pair of babyblue fingerless gloves.With pattern on the back of the hand. Off to the LYS we go. Beautiful yarn in the Bargain isle....with Angora!!!! Very soft and fuzzy, warm....perfect. 2 skeins purchased, taken home, turned into center pull balls, casting on 60 stitches per glove....two circular needles..ribbing 6 rows.....wait! These gloves will fit Sasquatch if I keep going with 60 stitches.....Ribbit!
Read label....aha....recommended needlesize 7. Okay.
After three more try-outs I settled for 40 stitches per glove, two at a time, two circular needles.
Cuff and pattern part done, up to where the thumb gusset will be.
Now I got smarter and actually counted how many stitches I had to the inch and I measured how fat my thumb was. Just so I would not end up with a pin-sized hole for the thumb.
Oh..wait!! I forgot to write down how many rows I knitted and what pattern I used.
Several hours later after much counting and writing and recounting I decided to leave the gloves for today and go to bed.
Tomorrow is another day and I will have more luck with this.
After all: say it with me...."How hard can it be?"

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