Sunday, March 14, 2010 know the rest

I just spilled a full baggy of locking stitch markers all over the keyboard and the floor. That's just an indication how my creative process worked today. It started with a marathon of movies on TV. So I'm all ready, coffee made, project picked ( a dog sweater-don't ask) and off we go. Or not. First I could not find the right needle size. Mind you, I know I have at least 4 of each size at the house, but this one I just could not find. Since the dog is rather small, I decided to go a size smaller on the needles. The sweater was done within 2 hours.
Now for assembly: The instructions said how to "attach the chest plate to the back". Not only did that wording make me think of coroners taking off the chest plate with hedge clippers on a body, I also sewed it on wrong, so the poor dog would not have been able to put his head through.
So I unsew the seam and try again, only to discover I did it wrong a second time. Undo again and this time I got it right. I shall post a picture when the doggie wears it.
Then I wanted to knit a few more rows on my lace edging for a jacket I'm making. The movies were over by now, so I'm sitting on the computer and checking mails, ect. I discovered after 16 rows that I inverted the pattern. (knitting the RS on the WS and vice versa) Since lifelines are for yellowbellies and according to my mantra "How hard can it be?" I had to unknit 16 rows of fluffy yarn in a lace pattern. Since you can't just rip it off the needles and unravel a few rows,  it nearly drove me insane.
And now the stitch marker incident.
I shall leave now and go to bed. Hopefully the knitting fairy will pick up these stich markers while I sleep.
Good night, cruel crafting gods.

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