Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

It is Mother's day. My children decided to give me a day off. I have no kids in the house. So I went to K-Mart, got some shipping supplies and markers, went to Barnes and Noble for a new knitting magazine and to Starbucks for some well deserved nourishment.
Now I am at home, messing with my Etsy shop, checking twitter and my e-mail, answering conversations on Etsy, listing new items and writing out the pattern for the fingerless lace gloves. So technically I am working. Nice way to spend my afternoon off, huh?
BUT...there is no boss breating down my neck, nobody is telling me what to do and I can get up or stop what I'm doing at any time. Soo much better than working a day job.
So I am not considering this work. It is fun and makes a little extra money on the side.
And being able to do it without interruptions (why those pesky little people have to eat, I don't know): big bonus.
So wherever those kids of mine are...thanks, guys. Much appreciated.

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