Sunday, May 30, 2010

New pattern

Last night I came up with a new pattern for yet another pair of fingerless gloves. Yes, I know...that's why I am a member of the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics on Ravelry , and that's why I had stitch markers custom made by KnitGirl in Idaho that say just that: Fingerless Glove Fanatic.
I realized that the pattern in my head was not knittable in the round. I would have to knit two rectangles, sew them and attach a thumb. Which means I can not utilize my favorite method of "two at a time" .
I started out last night and knitted away. The plan was to get at least one of them done to completion.
Today I was not required to do anything else but knit...well, I went to the library to guessed it.. more knitting books, and finished one of the rectangles while watching Fawlty Towers.
I started the second rectangle and gave up working on it to go on the computer and get some work done there. It took about half an hour before I could not look at that half finished rectangle anymore and picked it up to finish it. It is now 46 minutes after midnight, but the rectangle is done!!!!
So soon I will be looking for test knitters again. These gloves will be great as a project for someone that wants to get their feet wet doing cables.
Let me know if you know anybody, or if you would like to test knit. I shall post a picture tomorrow, when I will have finished them.
Do I need psychological help? I don't think so. Like one of my stitch markers says: Addicted to yarn. Things could be worse.

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