Friday, June 25, 2010

Test knitting

I have a few people test knitting my latest glove design right now. They are so sweet! Nobody says: Hey, wrote that wrong!'s always: is that supposed to be like that? So nice. Doesn't make you feel like a complete idiot. Especially when you put the thumb gusset on the back of the glove for the umpteenth time.
Well, here is a glimpse of the new glove...

Of course I used my trusted KnitPicks Yarn. I love their Stroll. And the best "bang for your buck" is truly the Palette. And right now I am in the process of getting two skeins of each color. So I order a couple every time the order doesn't quite make $ 50.
I wonder sometimes if they recognize return customers. Kinda like two war house workers...." Yo, Ernie...there is that one again that orders two of a color......wonder what she's doing with it"
"Wasn't she just ordering last week?" imagination runs away with me frequently.
On Sunday we are going to the Skacel warehouse. That's right. We are getting the tour and we are able to buy addi needles and yarn at discounted prices.
I am so excited.
Let me know what you think about the gloves and I let you know how it went at Skacel.

1 comment:

  1. So so: >They are so sweet! <

    Wir wollen doch dass du noch mehr schoene Sachen entwirfst. ;-)
    Hat Spass gemacht UND ich habe bereits das zweite Paar auf der Nadel.
    Muss mich ja noch mal mit den Daumen befassen.
    Ich hoffe, ich darf dich anmailen?
    Habe naemlich den schweren Verdacht, dass das Brett vor meinem Kopf mir
    die Sicht nimmt.
    Bin mal gespannt auf deinen naechsten Entwurf.