Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aiming for 100

Total random thoughts today. I'm working on a pattern for a circular knitting needles storage case, I have a new pattern for gloves in my head......funny when you think my name is "Dyeforsocks1965" everywhere.
The Skacel warehouse tour was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I spend $ 400 on yarn. Recession? What recession?????
Obama is gonna be so proud of us knitters, lol.
I dyed some more yarn yesterday and I have a million ideas in my head. Need to take pictures, post on etsy, because I want to have 100 products online before the end of the month... and I am finally finishing the project for my LYS, .
For the first time in 5 (five!!!!!) years my scale said 143 pounds this morning. I am ecstatic!!!!!!
And I should probably lay off the caffeine for a while, lol.
Now I am off to check if I have the materials in my sewing corner that I would need for one of my ideas. What? I know that it is past midnight. So?

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