Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm telling much has happened and is happening. I actually went out on  a couple of dates and still like the guy.
My pattern is now up for sale on the KnitPicks website.
I went to the doctor for a follow up and she took me off all blood pressure meds. Mind you I have been on those things for 9 years.
I lost a total of 27 pounds since December of 2009.
We almost got a Yorkshire Terrier, but the cat ( about twice the size of the dog) threatened to eat it, so we had to give up on that plan. Doesn't help, that I think a dog has to reach my arm pit to be called a dog.
I do test knits and have people test knitting for me and I'm just tickled how it all works out.
Work in the dental office is kinda sluggish, so I am grateful for the additional income of teaching and sales of my pattern.
Right now I am working on a pattern for wedding gloves, which was originally an idea of my friend Sandy. So they will be called "Sandys I do's". If you have any better ideas about the name,  by all means,  let me know.......(I am looking at you, Theresa and Cindy )
So,,,that's pretty much it. The Loopy Leaves Mitts and Heart Lace Gauntlets (which actually sounds like Heartless gauntlets if you say it will be available shortly.


  1. Hummm, Heart in Hand, Take my Hand, My Hand in Yours, Hand in Glove...and my brain just went empty. Maybe more later when it refills.

  2. Love the ideas, but I would like to incorporate Sandy's name in it.

  3. I have no better idea for a cool name for the gloves.
    How do they look?
    And ... Will there be a test knitting again?
    Did I mention that I have tried many new things in the test knitting?
    Thank you for this!