Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First garment pattern

My first garment pattern went up on Ravelry today for the brilliant ladies (and gents) there to test knit it for me.
With moving parts, such as sleeves and things, it was a little harder to get the instructions in chronological order. Hence I started out with a small project.
Who's the model, you ask?
Well, that gets a little complicated. My daughters sister in law has a friend for whom she occasionally babysits. That's the young lady in the picture. She's four month old and really cute. I was surprised she was so contend in the cardigan.
But then again, she immediately started chewing on it. Hmmm....Omen? I hope not.

So let's see what else... I am working on a commission piece, a jacket, and yes, I will get paid for that and no, it is not a purple monster.
I am trying (like the insane person I am) to finish it by the 20th of September. Im off that week and I want to have some spending money for the Puyallup Fair.
Nothing new from the knitting group, nobody showed up last Thursday, not even Cathy. I shall see who rsvp'd for tomorrow.
First day of school for the young one. YES!!!! I have the house to myself again for lunch. Nobody wants to talk to me or needs something urgently cooked because they don't know how to make them self a sandwich.
I'll keep you posted on the success (or failure) of the Aran Baby Cardi.

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