Friday, September 10, 2010


This post will go in a slightly personal direction.
I never got along with women. I'm more of a guy myself. You tell me about a problem, I want to fix it. That kind of thing. And I am not into playing mind games. own gender ticks me off most of the time.
But sometimes you just need another girl to talk to. Especially when you have no idea on how to deal with all those girlie "issues", lol.
I have no girlfriends.
I have female acquaintances, not girlfriends. I had one in High School. We were inseperable, we kept each others secrets, we lied to our parents for each other. We were the kind of friends they talk about in those silly lines, like: A good friend will bail you out of jail. Your best friend will sit in jail next to you saying:"That was awesome!".
I need one of those friends.
Now I'm not Paris Hilton searching for a BFF with resume's and stuff. HA! That would be hilarious!!
But I wouldn't mind taking applications.
Some things you just don't want to discuss with family members or people you just know.
And then there is the "friend" you can tell everything to, if you want it to be public knowledge within 24 hours.
Live and learn.
Maybe the cat will listen....

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  1. You know, the thing about the cat is that it will never tell your secrets or try to steal your boyfriend. It may lick all the foam off your soy latte and then barf it up on your new suede boots. Humm.... Maybe I need to rethink this...