Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life and other Nuisances

Socks for  %$*&^$%%  going well, he stood me up for a movie date tonight. Myth definitely confirmed. Will finish the socks anyway and make him feel real lousy on Christmas.
The three scarfs at once are coming along great. Did you ever have that moment? You read a pattern through and your brain literally goes "Huh?", but when you get to that actual part in your knitting it makes perfect sense?
Happened with the scarfs.

I have two patterns being tested right now. One is knitted with worsted weight. I did two test knits and am still working on a secret one.

Colgate sales person was in the office on Thursday with samples and a scientific study on the Colgate toothpaste. Proudly she tells me "Done with real live patients..." which made me reply :"as opposed to..corpses?" I'm pretty sure the lovely lady will never EVER show up in our office again.
Business is so slow right now, I get the odd half day off here and there.
Fine with me...more time for knitting, lol.

Had plans today to dye some yarn, but stuff got in the way. Maybe tomorrow.
I discovered Netflix...bad, bad thing. I found all the british shows I liked to now I sit on the computer watching things like "Wire in the blood" (HUGE crush on Robson Green) or Midsomer Murders. Looking at that countryside makes me want to retire there. Better start saving.....

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