Saturday, January 29, 2011

Socks and gloves

One more pair completed for the 11 in '11 Knit-along on Ravelry. The pattern was interesting, some beading was involved, but even though I went down a needle size, they came out very large. The designer suggested I block them with emphasis on lengthwise, rather than width, and I shall give that a try.

Another pair of slipper socks completed and number 6 are on the needles. I also started the third pair of the Knit-along mitts.
And then I cast on another one, because I should be designing a few more fingerless gloves for the book proposal, but I am the Queen of procrastination. One pair is off to the tester, yarn and beads provided.
Hope she likes it. The tech editor found some spelling mistakes....oops, that's what happens when you are in a hurry, lol.

I have all these ideas, but I hate putting them on the computer. For me typing up a pattern is torture. Usually programs are not designed to follow MY I end up with spaces where I don't want any, half deleted get the idea.....I don't know which button I pushed last week, but suddenly everything looked like alien writing. sighs
Going out tonight....watching Nitecrew again and having some fun. I just love to watch people....You wouldn't believe how many of them don't seem to have mirrors at home.

If any of my followers (all 11 of them) would like to be a secret test knitter, drop me a line. Maybe having people lined up will make me work faster.....or not.

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