Friday, February 25, 2011

Dance like nobody's watching

I love a good glass of wine. I used to love smoking, but gave that up. I used to like nicely seasoned food, but cut way back on that. All in the name of better health and getting off  Blood pressure medication and borderline high cholesterol.
Had some ringing in my ear that lasted only seconds. Checked it out online. Could be Blood pressure. Dr is concerned about high numbers. Put me on meds which kicked my butt for about a week until body adjusted.

It is freezing here right now. I am talking 14 degrees, which is highly unusual for these parts of the country. So I had a glass of mulled wine.
Got me a second one and decided to look if alcohol raises Blood pressure. It does. So I said a hearty: "Fuck it" and took a swig.
They already took my favorite foods and my cigarettes. Not that I could afford smoking anymore, but that's not the point.
If I was by myself in this world I would have fun. I would buy a motorcycle, smoke, drink and have a effing good time until I fall of my Harley with a heart attack.
Dance like nobody's  watching.

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