Friday, February 11, 2011


Seven pairs of the 11 FG's in 2011 have been finished. If my dear daughter gets her behind in gear and finishes spinning the yarn I need, pair # 7.5 will turn into pair # 8. Pair 9 and 10 are on the needles. I might undo # 10, because they will be a little tight.....says the woman with the puny wrists.
I really love this challenge. I'm making up my own. How many can I knit in 2011.
Let me tell you: I would be much more productive if that darn day job wouldn't get in the way. Or...if I could just barter for rent and stuff. "I knit you socks for 1 month of electricity". A lace shawl for two months of rent.

Today I got Renter's insurance. With a rider for all my yarn and fabric. Hey, don't snicker! This is a investment. I have at least a few thousand dollars worth of supplies around here. And the people upstairs are imbeciles. Letter sent to us from the Manager: "Do NOT use the fireplace. It is not safe. Wait until they were inspected and fixed."

Speaking with upstairs neighbor about distinct smell of smoke coming from their apartment. Their response: "It's not really a fire. Just one of those sweeper logs.."
What part of  DO NOT USE FIREPLACE did they not understand? I'm not taking any chances. I got insurance for 34 dollars a month. It's worth it to me.
Here's some eye candy for ya'll. The last three finished pairs of gloves. I shall knit the coffee ones again, because they turned out rather small. Says the woman with the small hands....hahahahaha.
From left to right the patterns are all available on Ravelry:

Mystique, Michelle fingerless mitts, Instant human. The last one is also available with the word TEA instead of coffee.
See ya laters......

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  1. Oooh the coffee design is so beautiful!! I have to make it!! I need a stranded pattern to learn on anyway, and these would be perfect!!

    Such a talented designer!