Sunday, September 11, 2011


I believe I finally understand true addiction. Mind you...I was a pack-a-day cigarette smoker three years ago. That was easier to quit than this new indulgence of mine!  It occurred to me yesterday that I just replaced one addiction with another.
Here's the story: I perused a shop on etsy called ToPlyFiberArts. She has awesome hand dyed yarn. But also beautiful roving. Since my daughter Nici is the spinner I ordered some roving I really liked . It was a light gray with purple and cream and some light pink in it.

Nici spun it up for me and I paired the yarn (which looked just gray in the skeins) with a pattern called "Duett der Elis". You can look it up on my Ravelry page, if you like.
Talk about the perfect pairing!!!! It's like crack!!!!!
I have knitted since last night! The yarn is yummy! So soft. The color is so subtle that you don't notice the slight changes from gray to cream to lavender to pink until it is knitted and you look at it in daylight. Or take a picture.
Like this one......

So not only am I giddy with pride (mind you she spun that with a drop spindle!!!), I am also addicted to the pattern and am eager to try it out with different yarns.

This is one of those "to be continued" things, me thinks.
Needless to say: do not cast on when you had a glass of wine. It will turn out as follows:
Pattern: "Cast on 275 stitches"
Me: "Okay.......count'em: 273. Okay...add 2 more....count'em......283....what the hell.....drop 8.....count'em...261....WTF?????"
Now my daughter has a wishlist from me for Sweater quantities.
Better get going, Rumpelstilzchen!!!!!

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