Saturday, September 3, 2011

Taking pictures

Taking the perfect picture is not as easy as it might sound. You have to grab the camera, the model, all projects you want to photograph and drive to the park on a nice sunny day.
Here is a short tutorial to taking the perfect pictures:
 1.) Call model and bribe her with a visit to Starbucks after the photo shoot.
 2.) Pack projects and camera with spare batteries. (Ask me how I know about batteries....)
 3.) Pick up model.
 4.) Listen to complaints about models love life and calorie counts for the 20 minute ride to the park.
 5.) Lug complaining model, camera and projects to the favorite spot at the park.
 6.) Get model (wearing shawl) into the right light and the right position.
 7.) Get camera to the right setting, line up perfect picture and get blank screen and the warning: "Low battery!"
 8.) Change batteries while listening to model whine how long she should hold this position.
 9.) Line up shot to discover she has put the shawl on wrong side out.
10.) Rearrange model and shot. Discover light has changed now and you have to move the location.
11.) Finally take shot and get a few decent pictures.
12.) Pack up projects and camera. Load into car including model which is still complaining.
13.) Drive model to Starbucks, pay for order, try to tune out model.
14.) Drive model home. Shoot model and self in driveway, leaving note saying: " I can't take it anymore!"

1 comment:

  1. I agree - taking pictures isn't that easy! I can relate with some of the above topics. But Nature is kind and many times I photograph knits modeled only by flowers, branches, trees (not the same though) but avoids the tragedy mentioned in the last sentence...
    Thanks for making me smile :-)