Friday, June 15, 2012

Dear me!

Dear me!! Has it really been this long? Since September last year? Oh...right. Started dating then. After 7 years. Moved in with BF (BoyFriend...even though I find this term slightly ridiculous at my age...) on June 1st and already dislike it intensely. Maybe my mother was right all those years ago when she claimed :"You are just not cut out to live with anybody but yourself! Just like your Grandma Lucie!"
Which right now sparked a new pattern in my head. I am working on a rectangular stole that will bear my Grandma's name. Maybe that's why we always got along splendidly, while everyone else didn't like her.
Here is a pic of the little house....

It has definitely a cottage feel to it. Well, I shall let you know how things are going. As soon as I am totally settled in, I will need some test knitters again.
I'll keep the blog updated...

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