Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have an Etsy shop. I sell handknitted items like gloves, scarfs and stuff. And I dye my own yarn. Mostly sock weight......I confess, I'm a " knitting-sock-addict". I also make small fabric bags.....apparently hundreds of other people do that, too.
So I purchased an advertisement spot on Etsy's Showcase under the category "Knitting". While I was really excited to be, what they call ,"featured"..........geez.....lots of quotes in this didn't really do anything. It drove some traffic to my shop and I got a few more hearts (two to be exact) and I really appreciate that. But that first sale is still eluding me. I'm great at what I do.......don't get me wrong. I just don't like the business side of things too much. I'd rather be dyeing yarn, sewing stuff , designing patterns and knitting  all day. Have somebody else deal with the advertising, shipping and all that other stuff.
* Sighs*
One can dream....right?
On a more positive note: I actually lost.....yes...LOST.......2 pounds so far on my delicious low-calorie-homemade-soup diet. That I cut out the candy and eat an apple when I crave sweets doesn't hurt either.

So right now I'm working on a commissioned sweater and a Baby Jacket. The Baby Jacket is my own design and I write down the pattern as I knit along. I will try YouTube to find a tutorial on how to turn it into PDF files.
That's how I learned how to put videos together to put on YouTube. Funny thing is....I found out later that my son-in-law posted the video where I learned it from.
In conclusion: the Etsy thing is not going as well as I would like it to......but I am confident that I will succeed there too. My diet is going well ( I hate being in my forties. I never even uttered the word "diet" until I turned 40!!!! I was just fine on coffee and candybars!)and I still have a day job.
Not bad for 2010 so far.

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