Sunday, January 10, 2010


So I bought this magazine at my LYS. It is called Interweave and it has the most amazing patterns ever. I picked the coat from the cover of the Fall 2009 issue and checked online where to get the yarn.
Big surprise....the yarn would have been in the general area of $180. And I haven't even knitted a stitch yet!
Needless to say: that was just not in my budget.
I went to my LYS Yorkshire Yarns and Shirley, one of the ladies that works there, suggested the Eco Wool from Cascade Yarns. Not onl;y is that 200 yards to the skein, it is also incredibly easy to knit with. Gorgeous stitch definition, and surprisingly soft for 100% undyed wool.
I started the coat on November 25th of 2009 and finished it on January 4th of 2010.
Insert picture here: you have to tilt your head sideways to really see it. But I love the coat. It is warm, it fits( major accomplishment here) and I love it.
Currently it is on display at Yorkshire Yarns. I am so proud! Thanks to Sonia for asking if she could borrow it for a while.Let's see if I can get another picture up.....Yay!!!!! On to the next project!!!!

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  1. YAY!!! It's awesome - and now that it's on display at your LYS, you're famous! Congrats!!!!