Friday, January 29, 2010


Everybody that knows me has gotten an earful. I can't stop talking about this "Fiber up-slim down" book I bought at my local Barnes and Noble. The diet actually works! I lost 13 pounds since I started on January 1st!!!! I'm not gonna bore you about how delicious it is and how filling and so on.
Quick note though: It curbs your craving for sweets tremendously. I have not had a piece of chocolate in two weeks. And this from the person who used to follow a coffee and candybar diet.
However...(there is always a drawback, isn't there.) I also noted that my face lost a  little of that pudgyness. Which makes some of the tiny wrinkles a little more pronounced. Not likeing it one bit!
So my choice is now: 1. Be a little pudgy but look younger than you are or..
                                 2. Look totally hot in tight jeans with a paperbag over my head.
I'm open for suggestions.

1 comment:

  1. You could always have Mags pull your skin back and staple it to the nape of your neck? *snicker*